Sunday, October 30, 2011

Preview of Texas Mini-Quilts for IQF-Houston

Texas quilters are the greatest.  We have a total of 58 pieces of art to decorate and sell at the SAQA Booth next week (November 2-6).  Preview opening night is November 1.  Just take a look at all our talent.  If you plan to be in Houston, you can start picking your favorites now. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

SAQA-Houston Circle Mtg.Nov.12

November 12, 2011 - 10:30-2:00

Bring your lunch and show and tell
We will view the Sky Dyes video and Susan Ennis will give us a demonstration of the technique.
Location: Ginny Eckley's studio -
For more information or to RSVP email

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SAQA Events at IQF-Houston

Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 5:30 PM:
SAQA get-together in our exhibition space.  No food or drink is allowed, but it's a great chance to meet your fellow SAQA members.

Friday, November 4, 2011 at 8:00 AM:

Martha Sielman is giving a lecture on "40 Masters of Art Quilting."  NOTE: This is class #551 and it has an $8 fee. You can pay at the door or sign-up ahead of time through Quilts, Inc.

Friday, November 4, 2011 at 10:30 AM:
Martha Sielman is giving a FREE gallery walk through "Masters 2."  Many of the artists will be there to talk about their work.

Friday, November 4, 2011 at 2:00 PM:
Nancy Bavor, curator for "Sense of Adventure" is giving a FREE gallery walk through the exhibit.  Many of the artists will be there to talk about their work.

Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 10:30 AM:
Martha Sielman is giving a FREE gallery walk through "Masters 2."  Many of the artists will be there to talk about their work.

Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 2:00 PM:
Nancy Bavor, curator for "Sense of Adventure" is giving a FREE gallery walk through the exhibit.  Many of the artists will be there to talk about their work.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deadline Extended for SAQA-TX Mini Quilts

We look forward to another exciting display at the SAQA booth.  If you wish to have your quilt hanging for 50,000 people to see, there is still time to finish a little quilt.  The more quilts we have the more impressive our booth will look. Received by DEADLINE is changed to October 28.

Information is available for download from the SAQA Texas Regional Page.  I've included two file formats there for your convenience:
WORD document
compatible with
earlier versions of WORD.
You can type in your information and submit by email.
PDF document, 
which you can
print and complete.
You may scan and submit by email.

If you have any questions or cannot download from Regional Page, please contact me.
Mary Ann Littlejohn
Co-Rep Texas
Studio Art Quilt Associates

Thursday, October 20, 2011

IQF Houston Booth Schedule

There are a few more slots remaining to man the SAQA booth at IQF this November.  Here's the schedule so far:

Updated October 20, 2011

Wednesday, November 2nd – Preview Night–5pm-10pm
4:30pm– 6:30 pm –  Victoria Rondeau, Marianne R. Williamson
5:00pm – 7:00pm – Zsuzsanna Schmelzbach, Jean Herman
6:00pm - 8:00pm – Sandra Bloom, Terri Gavin

7:00pm - 9:00pm –   Judy Welsch, Mary Ann Littlejohn
9:00pm- 10:15 pm – Sandy Branjord, Betty Hahn
to close - 

Thursday, November 3rd – 10am-7pm
9:35am – 11:30am - (open)
 –Sandra Sider, Ruthann Fox, Suzanne Kittrell
10:00am – Noon – Judy Momenzadeh, Charlotte Hickman

11:00am – 1:00 – Sherryl Buchler, Barbara Hartman
Noon – 2:00pm - Kathy York, Sherri McCauley
1:00pm– 3:00pm – Cynthia Wenslow, Shirley Neary
2:00pm – 4:00pm - Lettie Blackburn, Merrilee Tieche, Mary Ann Vaca Lambert
3:00pm – 5:00 pm – Kristin La Flamme, Sandy Branjord, Betty Hahn
4:00pm – 6:00pm – Sara Sharp, Marcia Kaylakie
5:00pm – 7:00pm – Gail Dentler, Marie-France Gosselin, Barb Forrister
6:00 to close – Zsuzsanna Schmelzbach
Friday, November 4th – 10am-7pm
9:35am – 11:30am - (open) – Helen Remick, Leslie Hall, Rhoda Taylor (10 - 11)
10:00 am – Noon – Carol Trice, Pamela Morris
11:00 am – 1:00 – Sandra Gregg, Sherryl Buchler
Noon – 2:00pm – Martha Wolfe, Kristin LaFlamme
1:00 pm– 3:00pm – Cynthia Wenslow, Rose Rushbrooke
2:00pm – 4:00pm – Judy Momenzadeh, Janice McKeehan
3:00pm – 5:00 pm –
 Sandi Goldman, Alice Megna (3 - 4), Naomi Adams (4-5)
4:00pm – 6:00pm – Pam Lowe, Sandy Branjord, Betty Hahn
5:00pm– 7:00pm – Sandra Bloom, Marie-France Gosselin
to close

 Saturday, November 5th – 10am – 7pm
9:35am – 11:30am - (open) – Sandra Bloom, Marianne Williamson

10:00am – Noon – Judy Momenzadeh, Gerrie Congdon, Barb Forrestir
11:00am – 1:00 – Sue Dennis, Betty Busby

Noon – 2:00pm – Karen Rips, Terri Stegmiller
1:00pm– 3:00pm – Jackie Stubblefield,  Bidwell Drake
2:00pm – 4:00pm – Rhoda Taylor, Sandi Goldman
3:00pm – 5:00 pm – Deborah Boschert, Janice McKeehan, Brenda Gael Smith
4:00pm – 6:00pm – Sally Westcott, Donna Dixon
5:00pm– 7:00pm - Marie-France Gosselin, Lois Sprague

to close

Sunday, November 6th – 11am – 5pm
11:00am-1:00pm – Freida Anderson, Hilary Gooding
Noon – 2:00pm – Mary Ann Littlejohn
1:00pm -3:00pm – Cynthia Wenslow (?)

2:00pm – 4:00pm – Terri Gavin
3:00pm – Cleanup/Packup – Janice McKeehan, Bob Mosier

Reps to close

Thursday, October 13, 2011

North Texas Dinner for Sandra Sider

Jules Rushing will be hosting Sandra Sider at her home during her visit to SAQA-DFW and DAFA.

She will arrive October 22nd and Jules would like to host a "Covered Dish" cookout at her home that evening. The evening will start at 6pm.

Please bring something to throw on the grill and a covered dish. Jules will provide the plates, silverware and beverages.

Please email and let me know if you are coming, and what you are bringing.

This will be a great time to get to know Sandra! 

Spouses are welcome!  

We will eat, sit by the fire pit, relax and have a grand time!

email for more information

Member News!

 Thiel Silcox Fine Art Exhibit and Competition   

October 22nd 2011 - December 10th, 2011
Killeen Civic & Conference Center3601 South W S Young Dr Killeen TX 76542-2805
Phone:  (817) 698-3833

The Killeen Civic Art Guild proudly presents
the 2011 Annual Thiel Silcox Fine Art Exhibition
to promote and encourage interest in the fine arts.
Fiber Artist Pauline Barrett is among
those whose work will be on display. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gallery Opening:
West Texas:  A Mystic Journey
Art Quilts by:  Ellie Kreneck

Opening Reception
Thursday October 13, 2011

Semmes Gallery
University of the Incarnate Word
4301 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209
Displayed Oct 13 - Nov 11 
M-F 10 - 5pm

For Information, Please Call (210) 829-3855

Fort Worth Critique Session with Sandra Sider

Sandra Sider, the President of Studio Art Quilt Associates will be in Fort Worth on Sunday, October 23 at 3:00 pm, and she is going to host a critique session.

The purpose of the session is to learn as a group how to help each other discuss design principals and consider how to improve or otherwise move forward with our art.  Each participant may bring ONE piece of work - something that is not yet complete and for which you want some direction/advice about the next step(s) OR you may bring a completed piece.
Sandra is an artist, curator and critic, as well as the President of SAQA.  She has been making quilts for 30 years.  You can read more about her on her website

Sandra will be in North Texas to host a critique session at the Dallas Area Fiber Artists meeting on October 24.  She has graciously agreed to include a Fort Worth stop to her itinerary.

I hope all of you can come join the conversation!  Please let me know if you can be here -- Sandra would like to have to know have many quilts she will be critiquing, and she would like to know whether you are bringing an unfinished project or a completed quilt.

Call me at Heather Pregger at 817-920-9905 or e-mail me at for more information.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Third Time is a Charm -- Call for Volunteers for IQG SAQA Booth in November in Houston

Volunteers not only have a great deal of fun, and get to meet lots of other SAQA members, but working a 2 hour shift gets you into Festival free on the day that you work.  What a deal!

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far, we have nearly filled up the all the time slots.  But a few remain.

There are several slots on Wednesday, November 2nd.  Preview Night is always busy, so we need to make sure the booth is fully manned.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday closing shifts  (5 pm to 7 pm),

Sunday is still pretty empty.  

If you can help us by working one of these shifts, e-mail Heather Pregger at


Saturday, October 1, 2011

2nd call for volunteers at IQF Houston

We need your help!  Volunteers are needed for the SAQA booth at Festival in Houston. Can you spare an hour or two? Please check your schedule and join us. It is a great time to meet members and network.
We need at least two people in the booth at all time slots. Let's work together to have a great representation of members working the booth at Festival!

If you work a 2-hour shift, you will get in the show free on the day you work.

 So, email Heather at and let us know when you can work!

Monday, September 26, 2011

SAQA Benefit Auction–Part 3

Just a reminder that the SAQA Benefit Auction –Part 3 starts today at 1:00 CST.  SAQA has already raised $34,675 in the AUCTION!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Volunteers are needed for the SAQA booth at Festival in Houston. Can you spare an hour or two? Please check your schedule and join us. It is a great time to meet members and network.
We need at least two people in the booth at all time slots. Let's work together to have a great representation of members working the booth at Festival!

If you work a 2-hour shift, you will get in the show free on the day you work.

 So, email Heather at and let us know when you can work!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cancelled-Houston Circle Mtg. 9/17

Sadly, the Houston Circle meeting tomorrow (9/17) is being cancelled due to lack of response. Only 3 members have emailed that they are coming.

I will take a look at my agenda and send an email covering those topics.

The next meeting will be November 12, when Susan Ennis will be able to do the Sky Dyes demo we've been trying to work in all year.

See you in Houston.
Mary Ann Littlejohn
Co-Rep, Texas
Studio Art Quilt Associates

Monday, September 12, 2011

Houston Area Fiber Artists - Annual Gallery Show

Houston Area Fiber Artists
presents their
Annual Member Gallery Show


Juror: Mari Omori, Professor of Art,
Lone Star College Kingwood

October 1 thru October 26, 2011
Opening reception Saturday, October 1, 2011
from 6 to 9 PM
includes a Silent Auction
Complimentary valet parking will be available.


Betz Gallery
1208 W. Gray in Houston, TX
(713) 576-6954
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 am – 6 pm

Live Auction–Starts Today at 1:00 pm CST

The SAQA Benefit Auction starts at 1:00 PM CST

You can view all the quilts being auctioned here.  To whet your appetite, I’m sharing a collection of "Landscapes", curated by Debbie Ross.

Warner -  Rice Fields 
Judy Warner**
Rice Fields

Durbin - Peaceful View
Pat Durbin*
Peaceful View
Keeney - Aspens Peg Keeney*****
Williamson -  Moongate Garden
Barbara Williamson*
Moongate Garden
Driscoll - Pray for Japan
Jane Driscoll**
Pray for Japan
Bunte - Silken Sunset
M. C. Bunte*
Silken Sunset

Carson - Eventide
Carolyn Carson**


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

SAQA-Houston - FAQs

Thank you for the questions about the exhibit.  A couple of things to clarify.

1.  The exhibit behind the booth last year was so popular, we were invited by Quilts Inc. to do it again this year and that the quilts could be for sale.
This exhibit is not juried and is not an official SAQA sponsored exhibit.
3. The received by date of October 17 is for the quilt(s), entry form and check. 
4.  I would appreciate an email at before that time if you plan to participate.

Mary Ann

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Call for Entry SAQA-TX @ Houston 2011

The Call for Entry for the TX-Mini Quilt Exhibit/Sale at International Quilt Festival-Houston is now available for download from the SAQA Texas Regional Page.  I've included two file formats there for your convenience:

WORD document
compatible with
earlier versions of WORD.
You can type in your information and submit by email.


PDF document,
which you can
print and complete.
You may scan and submit by email.

We look forward to another exciting display at the SAQA booth.  In order to have an idea how many quilts will be coming, I would appreciate your sending me an email by October 1 with the number you intend to submit.

If you have any questions or cannot download from Regional Page, please contact me.

Mary Ann Littlejohn
Co-Rep Texas
Studio Art Quilt Associates

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dallas: Lecture & Workshop–Deborah Boschert

Quilters Guild of Dallas:  Program
Thursday, September 2 at 7:15 pm
Congregation Shearith Israel in Dallas

Twelve by Twelve: Inspirations and Adventures from the Art Quilt Challenge
Deborah is a member of “Twelve by Twelve” an international group of art quilters. Each artist created 12 small quilts on 12 different themes. The results are published in "Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge." Deborah shares how the group came together and how other artists can create similar groups and challenges. She’ll share images, techniques, styles and inspiration from her own art and the work of the other "Twelves."

Quilters Guild of Dallas:  Workshop
Friday, September 3 from 9 am to 4 pm

Small Art Quilts: Designing a Series
Create a complete series of small art quilts incorporating common elements. Use the Elements and Principles of Design to direct improvisational compositions. Tons of ideas for completely busting through any creative blocks! No rules, just fun! Full of tips for easy construction and finishing.

Contact for more info.


Deborah Boschert, Fiber Artist
Etsy Shop:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TMFA - Call for Entry


Y'all Come!

TMFA is proud to announce its 2011 Call for Entries. The theme this year is "Texas by the Yard and Yarn - Texas a Fabrication."

Texas' finest fiber arts have been exhibited in the past four years. This year promises to be the best ever in displaying Texas' resources and talent.

We're excited about your participation in the exhibit located in a prominent downtown Austin venue.

Regardless of the rompin' deadline, there ain't nothin' Texas artists can't do when called to rise to the challenge. So take off them spurs and that ten-gallon and get stitchin'.

Enter artwork(s) for the theme prize and/or the non-theme prizes.  Please click application for the entry form and other important information.

Ya'll come to the awards party and the exhibit!

Carol Ikard

Texas Museum of Fiber Arts
3806 Bailey, #2
Austin, Texas 78759


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SAQA Benefit Auction 2011

The funds raised through the Auction are critical to supporting SAQA's exhibitions, catalogs and outreach programs.  You may view all the quilts online and pick your favorites.   Each quilt is 12" square, unless noted otherwise.


Hall - Gentle Eddy 

Leslie A. Hall
Gentle Eddy

Fitzsimmons -  Candyland 
Tommy Fitzsimmons

Engstrom - Yucca Blossom

Linda Engstrom*
Yucca Blossom

Beckmann -  Cool Summer Graphic Garden

Christi Beckmann***
Cool Summer Graphic Garden
(10.5 x 10.5 inches)

Myers - Leftovers 2

Janet Meyers
Leftovers #2

Muir - Carbon Storage

Alison Muir
Carbon Storage

This year's Auction will begin on Monday, September 12th at 2:00 pm Eastern and conclude on Sunday, October 2 at 2:00 pm Eastern. Price points will again be: $750, $550, $350, $250, $150 and $75. 

How the Auction Works


Monday, July 4, 2011

Member Info

We will be creating a blog page for sharing the teaching schedules of our members. Please let one of the reps know about any classes (live or online) you are teaching!

Is there a volunteer interested in helping us as a "link-checker"? Please email Kathy if you have a little spare time to periodically check the member blog, resource, and other links given on this site.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Naomi Adams–Quilt National ‘11

Congratulations to SAQA Texas quilter, Naomi Adams, who was juried into Quilt National ‘11 with her quilt “Greek”.  She was also given the award for Most Innovative Use of the Medium.

2011 Quilt NationalQuilt National 2011:  The Best of Contemporary Quilts has been released by Lark Books.  You will be pleased to see that the photo reproduction of the artwork in this catalog is considerably better than the last one.  In a number of cases, a detail photo has been included.

Houston Circle Meeting–July 9

Our next meeting will again be at the home of Mary Ann Littlejohn in West University, starting at 10:30.  We look forward to seeing what you are working on this summer.  Please bring it and any other interesting things you  have for show and tell. 

We will be discussing what you would like to see us do in our group.  Are you interested in studying design principles, demos of techniques, or visits to galleries or exhibits?  

stitched wrap outsideWe will be viewing “Stitched” the film.  Some members have not seen it yet and several, who have seen it, requested to see it again.

Bring something to share for lunch.

Please RSVP to Mary Ann at for more information or directions.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

San Antonio/Austin Circle Meeting

The next meeting of the Austin/San Antonio Circle will be on July 9, 2011, at 10:00 am, at the home of Dee Merrell, in Dripping Springs.


At our July meeting, we still plan to get some inspiration from the world around us, as we gather materials from around Dee's home to use for making sun prints.

Sara Sharp will lead us in playing with sunprints. To participate, you need to bring some white fabric that has been washed and ironed. (It does NOT need to be soda-soaked.) Sara has worked most often with 100% cotton fabric, but we can experiment with other fibers. The size of the pieces we can use will depend on how many people attend and how much table space is available, as each piece needs to dry flat.

If you have it, please also bring Transparent setacolor fabric paints. There will be some available to share, so if you don't already have some, just be prepared to reimburse those who bring paint.

You may also want to bring some things from home to use as a resist/print item. Sara suggests things like paperclips, hangers, stencils - anything that will produce a definite shape.

If you have some board or strong cardboard you can cover with plastic, you might want to bring that along to move your piece(s) from the tables to the ground in order to make room for more pieces at the tables.

Please contact Dee ( to let her know you are coming and get directions.

Bring something to share for lunch, and, if you wish, bring a towel and swim clothes to cool off in the pool.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, and see you on the 9th!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Texas Reps Meet in Austin

The four Texas co-reps met this  past weekend at Lynne Allen's lovely home in Austin.  We enjoyed getting to know each other and catching up on what SAQA is doing in different areas of the state. 


Lynne Allen, Mary Ann Littlejohn, Kathy Mayhew, Heather Pregger

Among the items discussed was the SAQA trunk show which will be travelling to as many different venues as we can schedule. We are finalizing the Call for Entries for the SAQA-TX @ Houston 2011.  The details will be announced soon so you can start working on ideas for your entries.  We think you will be happy to know that your work will be for sale this year.

The SAQA-TX 2010 trunk show may be going to one more venue, after which the quilts will be returned to the artists.

We welcome announcements to post on this blog about interesting art events in your community and honors or exhibits including our members     Please send details to Kathy or Mary Ann.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Juror Appreciation

SAQA member Sue Reno has shared on her blog about the recent Images 2011 show in Pennsylvania. The most striking and delicious thing to me (aside from the beautiful fiber pieces, of course!) was the juror statement she shared.

Ron Rumford, gallery director wrote:

"Upon reviewing all submissions for Images 2011, a particularly strong group of textile works set the bar high. Their structures--piece quilts built from shapes of cloth and constructed by stitching are from a grand tradition of functional and utilitarian work that now straddles high art with highly sophisticated design, pattern and color and the folk art tradition of quilt making. The approach of these 6 artists varies significantly and this strengthened the impact within the overall pool of submissions. It soon became clear that these works would become the fulcrum on which the exhibition wanted to be balanced.

From the show's website:

Images, a juried mid-Atlantic regional exhibition for fine art and fine craft is now in its twenty-third year. It has evolved into a well-respected show for both emerging and established artists.

Congratulations to Sue and all the other artists, and how wonderful to see a juror who really 'gets' the fiber and textile arts!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

San Antonio/Austin Circle Meeting - May 14, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011
at the home of Jackie Heupel.

She would appreciate RSVPs

The San Antonio/Austin Circle has changed its format. Each host(ess) is choosing a design principle on which we will focus at the meeting

Basics: Meeting will run from about 10-2. Jackie will start the meeting by leading a discussion on Monochromatic Color Schemes. Please bring a small collection (5-10 pieces) of fat quarters or other supplies in a single color family. We will break for lunch (Jackie will make a large bowl of lettuce and we can each bring something to add; Jackie will also supply dessert) and then have Show & Tell/Sharing Time.
Future Meetings:
Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hosted by Vou Best
Discussion on Drawing Inspiration from Around Us
Activity - Using Found Objects to create sun prints on fiber
Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011
Hosted by Susan Mayfield
Focus on line and space, using a thermofax machine to make screens

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Have you seen the mini online gallery on called 'Opinion Piecers', curated by Mary Vaneecke?

Mary's description of this collection:

The quilt medium has a long and important history as a way for women to express their opinions. Whether they had the power to vote or not, American women used their needlework to express themselves on many important issues. Some marked a Revolutionary War victory with the quilt block Burgoyne Surrounded, others supported the temperance movement with Drunkard's Path quilts, and still others promoted their favorite political party.

In that spirit, this virtual gallery honors artists who continue that powerful political tradition, whether espousing a message of hope, or speaking truth to power. Some of these works are bright, some express anguish, and some make their point with humor. Each of these quilts is a visual 'Opinion Piece.' I hope you enjoy the medium and the messages.

Above is Linda Gass' After the Gold Rush, which has long been one of my favorite pieces personally.

Below is Competed by Jill Rumoshosky Werner, an incredible exploration of the games we artists play.

Go see for yourself!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SAQA Benefit Auction 2011

The 2011 SAQA Benefit Auction begins September 12. Kate Themel, Eileen Doughty and Pat Gould have set up a Picasa album of the 2011 Auction Quilts. There are currently 119 quilts in the album. More will be added as they come in. They are basically the same images you will see when you to SAQA's main website.

I quickly picked a few favorites.

“Autumn Aspen”
Gay Ousley

"Waiting for Roasting"
Catherine Whall Smith

"A Rivulet Runs Through It - Deconstructed Log Cabin #2"
Ruan Robertson

“Study in Pink or is It Purple”
Marilyn Wall

Visit the SAQA Benefit page for more information about how and when to bid.

We need to see more Texas quilts there.  You are invited to contribute.  Each quilt is 12" square, unless noted otherwise.To donate a quilt for the auction, please go to the Members Home page. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


artisans bison logo_web

Debbie Geistweidt currently has work at the Artisans of Rocky Hill Gallery on West Main in Fredericksburg. Please go visit this lovely gallery of fine crafts which Anne and Barry Bradley have created. Their website is:

Please tell them that Debbie sent you!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SAQA Portfolio 18


Just a quick reminder that the on-line submission for Portfolio 18 will go live on April 1st. Are you ready?

SAQA will be producing print and digital editions of the Portfolio again this year. Don't miss your opportunity to be included in this valuable resource. Entry guidelines, image guidelines, and entry form are all at:

Thank you for your support of the Portfolio process.
Cheryl Dineen Ferrin
SAQA Marketing Director


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Minis on Tour: Photos

A few photos of the SAQA-TX Mini Quilts on display at the CC Young Center in Dallas are up in Flickr-

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2010 Minis on Tour

The Texas SAQA 2010 Mini Quilts are currently on exhibit at the CC Young Center in Dallas (snapshots to come soon) in conjunction with a Dallas Area Fiber Artists show. All were met with rave reviews last night!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

SAQA Conference - Less than 40 Spots Left

SAQA Conference: Visioning

Join us for stimulating discussion, ideas, and education. Be inspired, jumpstart your promotional efforts, visit with old friends and meet new ones when we convene in Denver.

The historic Brown Palace Hotel in Denver will be the magnificent setting for SAQA’s Visioning Conference from May 19-22, 2011. Plan to join us in Denver!

May 19, Thursday evening: Gala Reception and Networking Party
May 20-21, Friday – Saturday: Conference
May 22, Sunday: Tour of Denver Art Museum’s Textile Gallery (tour is now full)

Register for the conference online
Download the conference brochure (PDF file) if you prefer to mail your registration

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kerr Grabowski Workshop-Houston

kerrGrabowski Houston Area Fiber Artists (HAFA) extends an invitation to take a Deconstructed Printing workshop with Kerr Grabowski on March 11 and 12. I am aware that this overlaps with the March 12 Circle meeting that is scheduled, but did want to let you know about this opportunity.

Kerr Grabowski’s history as a fiber artist has been marked by her constant experimentation with and innovative approaches to dyeing and screening processes. She developed Deconstructed Screen Printing, a printing, monoprinting technique allowing for a freer, more painterly approach to screen printing. Kerr successfully integrates her love of color, mark-making, and spontaneity with the challenge of creating whimsically elegant contemporary hand painted and screened silk fabrics and wearables.

This workshop is a great boon to creativity. The work is serendipitous making pieces that will be usable in many ways. It will be great fun! Don’t miss it!

More information and the signup form are available for download on the HAFA website .

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Sketchbook Project


Sketchbook Project
Community Room

This message comes to us by way of the Surface Design Association (SDA), as several members have sketchbooks in the exhibit. Austin will be the only stop in TX.

Come browse the 26,000 sketchbooks from 100 countries in the touring library. It’s like a concert tour, but with a collection of submitted sketchbooks. Get inspired to keep your pencils sharp!

Thousands of sketchbooks will be exhibited at galleries and museums as they make their way on an 8-stop tour across the country.

After the tour, all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be barcoded and available for the public to view.

Learn more about The Sketchbook Project!

Date: Saturday, March 12, 2011
Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jack Brockette, Fiber Artist Master Class

Jack Brockette is a nationally recognized Fiber Artist and teacher.   He has been working with the Pojaji/French seam technique for the last ten years and has won numerous Best of Show and Judges Choice awards with his pieces.   His latest works are transparent quilts.  In conjunction with the upcoming “The Art in Fiber 2011” show at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery, Jack will be holding a Master's Class Retreat demonstrating his hand-dyed silk techniques utilizing silk organza. 

Focus will be on the POJAGI SEAMS and the TRANSPARENT QUILTS.

Arlingtom Museum of Art 1, 1/5/08, 2:12 PM,  8C, 6504x6384 (1344+3120), 150%, Custom,  1/30 s, R74.6, G61.0, B84.3

Saturday & Sunday, February 5th & 6th, 2011
at the Belle of Round Top Retreat Center
(An 1880's restored mansion in a quiet country atmosphere
within walking distance to the Copper Shade Tree Gallery)
230 Days End Ln., Round Top, TX

All you need to bring is your sewing machine, thread, cutting matt, ruler, rotary cutter. Silk, etc. will be furnished.

For more information click here.

"The Art in Fiber 2011"

The popular Art in Fiber show returns to the Copper Shade Tree with an outstanding group of 22 fiber artists, that were selected by juror, Ginny Eckley, an internationally acclaimed textile artist.

The required theme is "Interpretation." Each artist was given a specific subject matter; a 3-D art piece, a poem, or a music selection. They will create their fiber artwork based on their interpretation of that art form. It will be placed on an 11" x 14" canvas.

In addition, they will create other fiber artwork exclusively for this show. These pieces have never before been seen by the public. Start designing your trip for this exciting event.

Opening Reception: Friday, February 4th, 2011   5 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Growth Spurt

SAQA is on track to reach a membership of 3000 members this year!

Who have you told about SAQA lately?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Houston Circle Meeting CANCELLED

The Houston Circle Meeting scheduled for Saturday, January 8 has been cancelled due to scheduling difficulties.  Our next meeting will be on March 12. 

Member News

Contemplation Full copyBarb Forrister:  My Contemplation has been invited to The Trail That Lay Before Them exhibit at the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center (NHOTIC). They would also like to use this piece for general publicity, such as news releases, the NHOTIC official website, and posters.


BarbForrister_Treasured Waters Full copy


Treasured Waters will be in Beneath The Surface special exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio along with Welcome To My Garden in the Text On Textiles exhibit.

Copper Shade Tree Gallery will be celebrating its 5th Annual Art In Fiber Show on February 4 through March 12, 2011. Artists represented include Martha Tsihlas, Barb Forrister, Laura Ann Beehler, Andrea Brokenshire, Jo Sweet, Fannie Narte, Gay Ousley, Jack Brockette, Kate Owens, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Martha K. Grant, Cindy Henneke, Debbie Geistweidt, Suzan Engler, Barbara Nilsson, Lana Book, Margery Hedges, Annie Smith, Letitia Rogers, Suzanne Selb White, Connie Marie Fahrion and Janet Moran.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Esterita Austin on 1/13/2011 in Plano (DFW)

The Quilters Guild of Plano TX will host Esterita Austin as their guest speaker.

Date: January 13th 2011

Time: 7pm

Esterita Austin - "Photograph - Compose - Create"
Internationally award winning quilt maker, designer and teacher, Esterita Austin, studied for her MFA in graphics and photography at Pratt Institute. This presentation will guide you through the process of finding and photographing images effectively into transferring them into exciting fiber pieces for dynamic visual compositions. Non-member fee $5

Location: Parkway Hills Baptist Church
2700 Dallas Parkway
Plano, TX 75093
(972) 403-1010
The church is located on the east side of the Dallas North Tollway between Park and Parker in Plano. See map here.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Save the Date: Monday, April 25, 2011 in North TX

If you are in the DFW area, please join SAQA Co-Rep Kathy Mayhew and SAQA member Jules Rushing at the April 25, 2011 meeting of DAFA, the Dallas Area Fiber Artists.

Meeting Location: The Point, Center for Arts and Education on the campus of C.C. Young Retirement Community, 4829 Lawther West, in Dallas (map)**

Mini-Workshop @ 5:30pm - making mini art quilts (more info TBA)

Meeting and Presentation @ 7:00 pm - this will include a short business meeting, show-and-tell, raffle, and presentation of the Trunk Show of the mini quilts made by Texas SAQA members for the 2010 International Quilt Festival held in Houston last November. Discussion of SAQA (resources, information, shows, possible upcoming events).

We are typically finished by 9-9:30pm.

**Travel Note: Due to ongoing construction, West Lawther can NOT be accessed from the north. You MUST enter Lawther from Mockingbird Lane.