Saturday, November 27, 2010

Critique Skills

Jane Dunnewold has an excellent essay outlining not only how to better offer a critical eye to a fellow artist, but how to specifically ask for and direct a critique you wish to receive.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

SAQA-TX Mini Quilts want to travel

Our Mini Quilt Exhibit at Houston was a great success.  There were many requests to purchase them.  Karey Bressenhan has asked that we do this again next year and that they be for sale.  Details will be coming soon so you can start working toward that goal a year away.

The quilts looked great hanging behind the SAQA Booth.  If you would like to schedule these quilts as a trunk show for your fiber group, please contact a one of the Reps.  So far they are scheduled for

February 12           Caprock Art Quilters  
  March 1 - April 25     Dallas Area Fiber Artists

The schedule will be available on the right here in the blog sidebar.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SAQA “Sightlines” video with Artists

Sightlines catalog cover

Sandra Sider, the new president of SAQA, interviews artists in the “Sightlines” exhibit at Houston.  A lovely catalog of this exhibit complete with the centerfold that opens out to show all the quilts at one time is available from SAQA online. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

International Quilt Festival

Channel 2 caught Mary Ann Littlejohn for a brief interview in the Creative Force exhibit last Thursday.  You probably weren’t watching television that night, but you can still view it at

Monday, November 1, 2010

SAQA Events at Houston

Please come and meet your fellow SAQA members in the SAQA exhibition space on Thursday evening at 5:00 for a very informal meet-and-greet get-together. You can bring anyone you'd like. It will be a chance to meet other SAQA members and hear the artists speak about their work.

Please join us for gallery walks of the SAQA exhibits:
Martha Sielman will be leading a gallery walk through Creative Force 2010 on Friday at 10:30. The following artists will be there to talk about their work:    Marianne Williamson, Annie Helmericks-Louder, Kathy Nida, Leslie Jenison,   Diane Wright, and Jayne Willoughby Scott.

Sandra Sider will lead a gallery walk through Sightlines on Saturday at 10:30 and will interview the following artists about their work in the exhibit: Sue Dennis, Shelley Brenner Baird, Jayne Willoughby Scott, Kathy Nida, Pat Owoc, and Annie Helmericks-Louder.