Saturday, April 23, 2011


Have you seen the mini online gallery on called 'Opinion Piecers', curated by Mary Vaneecke?

Mary's description of this collection:

The quilt medium has a long and important history as a way for women to express their opinions. Whether they had the power to vote or not, American women used their needlework to express themselves on many important issues. Some marked a Revolutionary War victory with the quilt block Burgoyne Surrounded, others supported the temperance movement with Drunkard's Path quilts, and still others promoted their favorite political party.

In that spirit, this virtual gallery honors artists who continue that powerful political tradition, whether espousing a message of hope, or speaking truth to power. Some of these works are bright, some express anguish, and some make their point with humor. Each of these quilts is a visual 'Opinion Piece.' I hope you enjoy the medium and the messages.

Above is Linda Gass' After the Gold Rush, which has long been one of my favorite pieces personally.

Below is Competed by Jill Rumoshosky Werner, an incredible exploration of the games we artists play.

Go see for yourself!

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