Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Volunteer Opportunity

The SAQA Exhibition Committee is looking for a member to serve as Trunk Show Coordinator for the 2017 SAQA Trunk Show. This volunteer opportunity is for SAQA's INTERNATIONAL trunk show; not to be confused with our Texas Region Trunk Show.

Here are the details...

The Trunk Show Coordinator is responsible for answering questions about the Trunk Show, receiving the artwork to be included in the show, and preparing the work for travel. Your postal mailbox will need to be able to handle a 10"x17" envelope that the artwork will be shipped in and you would need space within your home to store the 400+ expected envelopes and the 5 trunks that will eventually hold the artwork. 

Beginning in March 2016 -  Familiarize yourself with the trunk show prospectus. Answering occasional member questions via email after the prospectus is posted on the SAQA website. Questions can also be forwarded to the Exhibition Committee if you are unsure of the reply.  Most questions arise due to members not reading the prospectus thoroughly. 

September 1 - November 30, 2016 - Envelopes containing artwork and entry forms will begin to arrive at your address.  Send an email acknowledging that the artwork has arrived - the artist's email address will be on the entry form.  

January - March 2017 -  Hold one or more "mounting parties" to photograph and attach the artwork to 9” x 12” black mounting boards, along with the corresponding label and then slip the mounted and labeled work into a plastic sleeve.  SAQA provides the mounting boards, labels, sleeves, and trunks for shipping.

Once the artwork is prepared, packed into the SAQA provided trunks and shipped, the Coordinator job is done!

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Suzan Engler, Vice Chair of the Exhibition Committee, at

If you are interested in being the 2017 Trunk Show Coordinator, please contact Suzan directly or one of the Texas Region Representatives.

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