Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Moowon Book - Artisans, Vanishing Arts and Hidden Places

Here's a message to everyone from Lynne Allen:

"The Moowon book listed below looks both beautiful and pertinent to our members. Is there any way we can put out a notice about it and see if anyone is interested in Kickstarting it? I have written to Mona Kim (the creator) and she needs this Kickstarter to be successful in order to continue. I am hoping she will be in the US sometime and able to speak at one of our conferences."

Thanks Lynne for sharing this with us and here's a link to the Moowon Book Kickstarter page!

MOOWON is an artfully crafted online magazine with curated stories focused on vanishing arts, hidden places, and singular people. It exists to transmit their beauty and value. Our stories come from an ecclectic group of international contributors that includes anthropologists, photographers, journalists, field experts and travelers.

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