Sunday, March 10, 2013

Call for Entry for All Texas SAQA Members

A Texas Experience
 A Texas traveling trunk Show with venues throughout the state during 2014.

Open to all Texas SAQA members.

Submissions deadline will be September 15th 2013.

The Show theme of A Texas Experience should draw on each artist’s reflection of being a resident of the Lone Star State. Inspiration can be drawn from the diverse topographic and cultural, past, present, and future of the State. Each artist’s interpretation of the people, events, scenery, or emotional impact of being a Texan, could be showcased in advertising and the Texas SAQA blog.

An artist statement of 25 words or less must accompany the entry.
Each entry must be a 12” X 12” art quilt.
SAQA’s definition of Art Quilt: A creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure.
All embellishments and hanging methods must be in the 12” x 12” size.
All artwork must be ready to hang using a sleeve of at least 4” wide.  A label with the artist name and price of piece, or not for sale, must be permanently attached to back of the quilt.

A submission fee of $ 20.00 will be charged for the first entry.
Submissions must be postmarked no later than Sept. 15th 2013.
Submissions with a completed entry form and fee will be sent to: Vou Best (curator).
An e-mail notification will be sent to each artist upon receiving their submission.

Each artist may commit to sell up to 4 art quilts during the year of travel.
If your art quilt sells it will be given to the buyer and you may provide a replacement quilt for the exhibit. With each replacement a fee of $ 10.00 will be charged. Upon committing to sale; the artist should plan a series of work for each quarter of the year as replacements.

Each artist will set their own price on their work submitted at time of entry.
When pricing your work the artist should consider a commission at some of the venues. The purchase price will be collected at time of sale by the person in charge of the venue where it is sold and mailed to the artist within a week of the sale. Notification of the quilts sold must be submitted to the curator at the end of each venue. The replacement quilt should be sent to the curator at the time of sale to the artist.
All unsold art quilts will be returned to the artist in January of 2015.

Click here for Entry Form and Additional Information

The above link requires a Google account.  If you not have a Google account or have any problems accessing the entry form please contact and I'll forward the entry form via email.

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