Saturday, November 10, 2012

Houston Circle Meeting Report - November 2012

The Houston SAQA Circle Circle members took advantage of the glorious Texas fall weather and spent half of the November meeting in Ruthann Fox's backyard.  Suzanne Kittrell taught us various techniques for applying foil to fabrics.

Gold leaf applied to a quilted and beaded piece (Suzanne Kittrell)

Suzanne Kittrell demonstrating the use of adhesives, stamps, stencils, brushes and fusible web.

Gold Leaf over stitching (Suzanne Kittrell)

Fusible interfacing strips and fusible thread ( Kate Owens)

Brush stoked highlighted by foil ( Suzanne Kittrell)

We also planned out several meetings for the coming year.  In January, we are going to bring/discuss books that have changed our artistic lives (with the possibility of an in-depth study of one or more later in the year).  With creativity exercises in March and then color theory in May we will be off to a great year.

Suzan Engler
Texas Co-Representative

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