Monday, April 23, 2012

Reminder - Houston Circle Meeting

SAQA Houston Circle May Meeting 
Date:  May 12, 2012
Time: 10:30 - 2:00
Location: RuthAnn Fox's Home
May Workshop:  3 Embellishments in ONE DAY!

Embellishments are all the rage is seems right now and one is only hindered by their imagination.  Suzanne Kittrell will demonstrate some of her techniques and welcome others to share how they can achieve a three dimensional look onto their fabric art. 
Creating these pieces of 3-D art can be challenging and a lot of fun.  But be aware that is involves hand work using basically thread and material and beads and whatever else you want to incorporate into these 'embellishments'  as they are truly tiny pieces of art.

1. Demonstration:  Creating a 'Bug' or 'Insect' from beads.  Suzanne will demonstrate how with printed instructions to get you started.
2. Demonstration:  Creating glittery 'Logs of Thread' for a raised surface treatment on fabric.
3. Demonstration:  Creating 'Fabric Beads' from wrapping colorful yarns and embroidery threads, with or without beaded embellishment.

You will need to bring:
-A basic sewing kit of:
      Your scissors
      A package of favorite sharp needles
      Thimble if you use one
-Plastic grips for pulling needles through thick pieces of material
-Some spools of colored thread (Dual Duty and/or Quilting threads)
-A skein of Metallic Embroidery thread in either Gold, Silver or Copper
-Some skeins of colorful, regular embroidery threads
-Beads, if you have any.  Suzanne will be bringing specific beads to do the 'Bugs and Insects'.  But you might toss in a few unusual larger beads or buttons; anything that interests you and you think you might like to experiment with.
-Beading thread but Suzanne will bring some so it is not necessary unless you already have some.
-Good eyeglasses to wear
-Pencil and paper

Suzanne will provide pieces of material quilted and ready to be sewn onto, the threads and beads to make up these embellishments and a few other things we may need to create with.
I think this should be a lot of fun and there should be a lot of ideas thrown back and forth over the sewing tables.  Don't forget to bring your lunch and show 'n' tell.

Please RSVP to so that your name can be provided to the security gate at Ruthann's neighborhood.  The location address will be listed on the Yahoo group and emailed to all who RSVP.

Hope to see you all there,

Suzan Engler
Texas Co-Representative

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